The area is rich in good fishing spots, both from land and sea. The best chance for catching  large fish are by boat, but there are several fishing spots from land in the area. The most famous Place to fish is from the fishing bridges on the Atlantic Road, about 15 minutes driving from Lillevik.

Each cabin is supplied with a 18 foot open boat with a 10 hp outboard motor. These boats are great for short fishing trips in the area, but it is no problem to head offshore towards Atlanterhavsvegen. One must of course have in mind the  weather conditions. Lillevik cottages also have a larger boat for hire. This has 30 HP outboard motor and takes you quickly to the fishing grounds if you have that need.

Want to go fishing during your stay with us so simply bring a fishing rod and tackle/lures, the rest we fix! We know where the fish are, even though we do not provide any catch guarantee.